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Zimbabwean Government Adopt Patriotism Law to Penalize Rebels

George Charamba Emmerson Mnangagwa Zimbabwe

The government of Zimbabwe has passed a legislation on patriotism to silence dissenting opinions.

The measure was approved by the lower house of the government, but the opposition criticized it as a “draconian” attempt to repress dissenters in advance of the national elections scheduled for August 23, 2023.

The measure makes offenses against “the sovereignty and national interest” of the country in southern Africa.

Those who violate it run the danger of serving up to 20 years in prison.

A few hours after the administration declared the nationwide elections, the law was approved.

Zimbabwe’s well-known journalist and activist Hopewell Chin’ono called the development “a sad day in the country” in light of the government’s acceptance of the measure.

On Twitter, Mr. Chin’ono declared that “freedom of speech is now dead.”

The measure, according to ZANU-PF lawmaker Joseph Chinotimba, will promote “patriotism” among Zimbabweans.

The purpose of this bill, according to Mr. Chinotimba, is to inspire Zimbabweans to love their nation and cease disparaging it, not to restrict the creation of political parties.

Opposition leaders, however, view the bill as controversial.

Before being expelled from the chamber, opposition legislator Temba Mliswa said, “Let history be known that I was not part of this commotion and circus.”

The bill hasn’t been taken up by the Senate yet.

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