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White House Unveils Deal with Tesla EV Chargers

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After talks between the White House and Elon Musk, the US charging network for Tesla will now be open to other electric vehicle manufacturers for the first time, the Biden administration declared on Wednesday.

According to a White House information sheet outlining its most recent attempts to provide 500,000 EV chargers by 2030, Tesla has pledged to make at least 7,500 chargers nationwide accessible to EVs made by manufacturers other than Tesla by the end of 2024.

Although relations between the White House and Musk have occasionally been tense, Biden administration workers reported on Tuesday that the billionaire was receptive when officials contacted major EV players to expand the charging network.

In the US, a key barrier to the adoption of EVs has been seen to be an inadequate capacity for charging, with drivers’ worry of running out of charging stations being referred to as “range anxiety.”

Tesla owners can currently buy an adaptor to charge at EV charging stations that are not owned by Tesla, but other brands are unable to do the same at Tesla’s network.

Many people believe that Tesla’s “Supercharger” network gives it an advantage over other firms’ networks that are currently being developed.

Biden supported bipartisan legislation for 2021 that provided $7.5 billion for EV charging. According to Biden administration officials, Tesla’s decision to permit charging of other brands with an adaptor permits Musk’s business to be eligible for US subsidies.

In addition to Hertz and BP’s joint venture, General Motors, ChargePoint, and other top businesses also pledged to support charging in the Biden administration’s policy update.

In order to maintain uniformity across markets, the administration recently announced universal criteria for chargers that get federal funding. According to the policy, chargers must meet minimal dependability standards and be able to be found via mobile applications.

According to the fact sheet, recent polls have revealed “frustration with chargers that are too slow, too congested, or that simply don’t work,” and “we are solving this” with the new standards.

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