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While Judge denies Courtney’s bail, Clenney’s attorney argue her case should “at best” be manslaughter

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According to Local 10 News, Courtney Clenney, the woman accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend Christian “Toby” Obumseli, has had her bond denied by a judge.

On Saturday, the former OnlyFans model went before a court to hear updates on her case.

While her private attorney argued that the accusations should only be manslaughter, not second-degree murder, the Florida judge said a judge with greater experience would need to hear the case to decide whether or not she should be granted bond.

Watch Video of Courtney Clenney’s assault on Christian Obumseli Here

The OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney was seen on camera punching her now-deceased lover Christian Obumseli in February 2021, months before she fatally stabbed him.

When the pair enters the elevator, Clenney tries unsuccessfully to pick a specific floor and appears agitated. Following the OnlyFans model onto the elevator, Obumseli tries to calm her down.

In a fit of rage, Clenney begins to strike him and repeatedly pulls on his hair. Obumseli is pushing the 26-year-old back while attempting to diffuse the situation.

While Judge denies Courtney's bail, Clenney's attorney argue her case should "at best" be manslaughter

Assassination of Obumseli

On April 3, 2022, neighbors in the Edgewater neighborhood summoned the police to an apartment after hearing an argument between the couple. The influencer allegedly admitted to police that she did use a knife to stab Obumseli. According to a lawyer, it was done in self-defense.

Her mother claimed she was speaking to her daughter on the phone when the argument broke out. According to her mother, the alleged girlfriend told Obumseli to “go” and was “lying.”

According to TMZ, while covered in blood, Clenney told authorities she wasn’t sure if the stabbing was “justifiable.”

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