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US Immigration Law is ‘broken,’ According to Biden

Joe Biden open speech on immigration1

As he presented a fresh strategy to relieve pressure at the congested border with Mexico, US President Joe Biden labeled the US immigration system “broken” on Thursday.

Up to 30,000 eligible migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela will be permitted entry into the United States each month if they arrive by plane, under the plan, which was unveiled prior to Biden’s visit to the Mexican border, while restrictions are tightened on those attempting to enter the country illegally.

In a speech from the White House, Biden praised the plan as “safe, humanitarian, and effective.”

In order to fix “what has been a flawed system,” Biden said he had already introduced complete legislation to Congress.

The comprehensive proposal to fix “what has been a flawed immigration system for a long time” was previously sent to Congress, according to Biden.

He said that “radical Republicans” were to blame for the deadlock and continued, “But Congressional Republicans have refused to examine my complete offer.”

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