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UNICEF Bemoans 100 Children Indonesia Earthquake Death

UNICEF, West Java, Indonesia,

The 5.6-magnitude earthquake that struck Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia, According to CNN that claimed the lives of 100 children. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says it is grieving the death of these children and supporting the families who were impacted by the tragedy.

The organization reported that 100 children under the age of 15 had died, according to the most recent government statistics on the catastrophe, which uprooted a densely populated area and left numerous structures in ruins.

Of the 272 people whose deaths have been officially confirmed, 37% were youngsters.

According to reports, there were 2,046 injuries, 39 missing, and 62,882 displaced people, according to UNICEF.

In addition, damage evaluations reveal that 45 schools in the earthquake zone were impacted, and estimated casualties included 18 pupils and 5 teachers.

The accident on Monday left 267 children and ten teachers injured, according to the group.

“As ongoing search and rescue efforts disclose the full cost and scope of the need, humanitarian needs in the affected areas are anticipated to increase. Children and families who have lost loved ones, been uprooted, or sustained injuries during an emergency need shelter, clean water, medical attention, and protection immediately.

“The Government of Indonesia is taking the lead in the emergency response to deal with these and other problems that communities and children are confronting. These initiatives to identify the children’s and families’ most urgent needs are supported by UNICEF and its partners.

Education-related supplies such as tents for temporary learning spaces, “school-in-a-box” kits with pens, notebooks, and pencils, and early childhood development kits with age-appropriate games, drawing supplies, and toys are some of the supplies the Indonesian government and UNICEF are providing to the affected people.

An estimated 2,500 kids will benefit from the items. The organization emphasized that in addition to providing materials provided by UNICEF, the government is also helping children who are experiencing emotional distress and trauma due to the effects of the earthquake.

In order to reach and protect children in the impacted area, UNICEF stated that it was prepared to offer further assistance.

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