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UK Declare Fresh Sanctions Against Iran, Russia

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In addition to Iranians involved in the production and supply of drones used to target Ukraine, the UK on Tuesday announced further penalties against key Russian military leaders.

Major General Robert Baranov, who is reportedly in charge of a unit that develops and targets cruise missiles, was among the 12 Russian generals whose assets would be subject to asset freezes and travel restrictions, according to the government.

According to the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), missile and artillery attacks are believed to be the main cause of the deaths of more than 6,000 Ukrainian civilians who have been killed since the Russian incursion in February.

“Illegally targeting people and civilian-related targets is a serious breach of international humanitarian law. Those in charge must be held accountable,” it stated.

Drones made in Iran and delivered to Russia have, according to the FCDO, played a “central role” in such strikes.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly claimed that in an effort to survive after being slammed by a wave of popular unrest recently, the Tehran leadership was “making filthy bargains” with Moscow.

The United States expressed concern last week over what it called a “full-scale defense alliance” between Russia and Iran, claiming that it would be “damaging” to Ukraine, Iran’s neighbors, and the rest of the globe.

The managing director of the business that produces engines for drones used by Russia to strike Ukraine is among the four Iranians who are the target of the most recent UK sanctions, he continued.

Cleverly charged on Monday that Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia, was “waging a 19th-century war of imperial invasion” against its neighbor.

He said, “Putin wants to go back to the days when big nations could treat their neighbors like prey, when might made right.”

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