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U.S Tutors on Strike, Close Schools, Seek Salary Increment

US Teachers On strike article

To protest a 30% wage raise, hundreds of Los Angeles school employees will go on a three-day strike starting on Tuesday, canceling classes for 422,000 pupils.

The union that represents 30,000 support workers in the Los Angeles Unified School District is requesting a 30% pay raise, claiming that many of its members receive barely more than the federal minimum wage and have difficulty keeping up with living expenses.

The 35,000 members of the Los Angeles teachers’ union have been urged to leave in unison and not cross the picket lines of the support workers.

Almost 1,000 schools would be closed as a result of a walkout by the teachers union and the support workers union, according to the officials of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Bus drivers, cafeteria staff, special education aides, and gardeners are just a few of the non-teaching positions that make up the Los Angeles Unified.

On Monday, the union declared that its members will go on strike from Tuesday through Thursday.

The union is asking for a 30% pay hike overall, with the lowest paid employees receiving an additional $2 an hour.

In support of the Los Angeles Unified union, United Teachers Los Angeles, which represents teachers and some other district employees, is calling on its 35,000 members to participate in a walkout.

Democrats Karen Bass, the incoming mayor of Los Angeles, and Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, haven’t gotten involved in the argument yet.

This is so because the Los Angeles school district is not under the mayor’s direct supervision. The school district is governed by a board that is independently elected.

Over the weekend, a state board announced that it would not issue an injunction against the strike.

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