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Twitter Security Chief Lea Kissner Depart Twitter After Musk Causes “Deep Concern”

Lea Kissner

A senior security official for Twitter quit on Thursday as the platform’s redesign under new owner Elon Musk witnessed a surge in phony accounts, prompting a rare caution from US authorities.

Lea Kissner, Twitter’s chief security officer, reportedly resigned along with other important privacy or security officials, writing on Twitter, ““I’ve made the hard decision to leave Twitter,”



The protests took place the day after Musk’s erratic rollout of brand-new features following his $44 million acquisition of the important one-to-many messaging app.

It announced its eagerly anticipated Twitter Blue membership service, which enables users to pay $7.99 per month for a prized blue tick and a separate gray “official” badge for a select number of high-profile accounts.

Musk, however, came under fire when he abruptly abandoned the new gray label, overshadowing the debut of the pay service, which is now only accessible on the iPhone’s mobile app and in the US.

As a result of the introduction, a rush of bogus accounts started to appear as people tried to imitate politicians and celebrities including NBA star Lebron James and former British prime minister Tony Blair.

The upheaval prompted a rare warning from the US agency that regulates consumer safety, the Federal Trade Commission, which has been keeping an eye on Twitter due to past security and privacy breaches.

With great worry, the FTC is monitoring recent developments at Twitter, according to a statement from a spokeswoman.

The representative further stated that “no CEO or corporation is above the law, and companies must respect our consent decrees,” alluding to Twitter’s prior agreements to abide by US privacy laws.

Ten days after purchasing the business and taking sole ownership of it, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX sacked half of the 7,500 people working for the California-based company.

According to employee text exchanges reviewed by AFP, Musk addressed his surviving staff on Thursday for the first time since the layoffs and pushed them to help the site attract one billion users.

Additionally, he made the announcement that he was terminating Twitter’s long-standing policy of allowing employees to work from home.

He allegedly warned staff members, “If you don’t show up in the office, resignation accepted.”

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