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Türkiye Reportedly Arrest 100 Contractors as Earthquake Death Toll exceeds 28,000

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Following the earthquake that has so far claimed the lives of over 28,000 people in Turkey, the Turkish government has jailed over 100 building contractors.

A special investigating unit was established by the nation’s justice ministry to look into the building contractors whose structures collapsed after the earthquake, killing thousands of Turkish residents.

Over 100 building contractors who may be accountable for the fallen buildings and who violated construction standards have been held by the investigative unit known as the “Earthquake Crimes Investigation Unit,” according to the state news agency.

One of the jailed contractors who was in charge of the collapse of a high-rise luxury apartment building in the province of Hatay was apprehended at the airport as he attempted to leave the nation.

Following the surge of inquiries by the public prosecutors into collapsed structures in impacted provinces, a number of more contractors were imprisoned.

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck the nation on Monday caused over 6,000 buildings to fall and over 28,000 people to perish.

The slow pace of the rescue effort is still being lamented by Turkish civilians, who are putting increasing on on the government to move more quickly.

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