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Turkish Woman Rescued from Earthquake Rubble More Over 100 Hours

Turkish Woman Rescued from Earthquake

Despite being buried beneath her husband’s lifeless body for more than 100 hours, a Turkish woman was finally freed on Friday, according to a German non-profit organization.

In the southern Turkish province of Hatay, the hamlet of Kirikhan is home to a 40-year-old lady who had to be meticulously rescued by a team of rescuers after spending more than 50 hours sifting through the rubble.

Stefan Heine, a spokesman for ISAR Germany search and rescue organization, described the rescue as “extremely complicated” and how rescuers had to cut a route “centimetre by centimetre through concrete and rubble.”

The devastating earthquake that slammed Turkey and Syria on Monday has claimed more than 21,000 lives. Experts indicate that after 72 hours, the likelihood of saving lives dramatically decreases, hence there are dwindling prospects of discovering more survivors.

Turkish Woman Rescued from Earthquake Rubble More Over 100 Hours


Heine said the woman, identified only as Zeynep, was eventually taken out on a stretcher and was presently in a stable condition and getting medical care.

Through a little shaft, rescuers were able to stay in touch with Zeynep throughout the protracted rescue effort, enabling them to give her water.

According to Heine, Zeynep was prone during the incident, next to her late husband’s body. Other family members’ bodies were also nearby.

Zeynep was freed after rescuers spent hours clearing away bucket after bucket of trash and carefully sawing through concrete blocks to make a small passageway to her.

According to Steven Bayer, who oversaw the rescue effort, “everyone here at the scene is really delighted about the rescue and deeply amazed by the woman’s bravery.”

The rescue was tweeted about by the ISAR Germany crew.

A red-and-yellow-jacketed rescuer can be seen speaking to Zeynep through a small opening in the wreckage in one video.

He says to her in Turkish, “Korkma,” which means “don’t be scared.”

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