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Trevor Noah Bid Goodbye To ‘The Daily Show’ Host

Trevor Noah Bid Goodbye To ‘The Daily Show Host

On Thursday, Trevor Noah signed out from “The Daily Show” for the final time after making the shift from a comedy and satire voice on Comedy Central to an unknown to American TV audiences.

Noah was contemplative and reflective while performing in front of a live audience at the New York studio where the show is filmed. He regularly reflected on the seven-year journey that began when Jon Stewart gave up the host chair of the renowned talk show.

He recalled that when the concert first began, there weren’t enough spectators to fill the theater. “Thank you to everyone who has watched, shared the videos, voiced an opinion, and has been gracious enough,” the speaker said.

On his program, Trevor Noah remarked, “It was a wild adventure. “The wildest trip I didn’t expect, I didn’t predict.”

Noah offered the program a broader global viewpoint (from comparisons of Donald Trump to African dictators). The average age of the audience grew younger when Noah was in charge, despite a decline in “The Daily Show” ratings as a result of viewers moving from traditional TV to streaming.

Trevor Noah undoubtedly gained recognition among younger people because to the social media sharing of his videos. He thus gained a sizable fan base that will keep auditoriums packed and drive streaming numbers for comedy specials.

“I don’t take it for granted ever,” he said.



The comedian commended Black women for their education of him and for what he viewed as their ability to lead the rest of the country out of the wilderness on important topics during the final tape.

“Talk to Black women if you want to understand America in its truest sense. Black women, in contrast to everyone else, cannot afford to f*** around and find out. Black people, especially in America, are aware of how difficult it is when awful things happen, Noah added, his eyes welling up with tears.

In September, Trevor Noah made it known that he was quitting the course to devote more time to his family, friends, and travel.

Before deciding on a permanent replacement, the network said it will test out a rotating roster of guest hosts. Hasan Minhaj, Al Franken, Chelsea Handler, and many other well-known people are on the prominent list.

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