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Towards Governorship Election LP Urge Supporters to Resist Thugs; Protect Their Votes

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The Delta branch of the Labour Party (LP) has asked members to stand up to political thugs and make sure their votes are counted in the state’s gubernatorial and house of assembly elections on March 18.

Tony Ezeagwu, the chairman of LP in Delta, offered the counsel on Thursday at a Day Unity Conference that the party and the Nigeria Ministers in Politics jointly hosted.

Speaking to the throngs of party supporters in Ughelli, Mr. Ezeagwu claimed that some political parties had mortgaged the nation under the pretense of possessing leadership expertise.

He continued by saying that the LP did not value experience but rather those who could alter the dominant narratives in the nation.

In order to free Delta from the chains of enslavement, he urged the populace to support all LP candidates running in the state.

The party leader criticized the nation’s present monetary policies, calling it regrettable.

He claims that people are now using naira to purchase naira notes.

“Unlike the parties that value experience, LP only offers candidates who will transform the system.

“The nation and the Delta must be freed of people with “experience,” we must strive to say.

“I implore you to seize the opportunity. Be serious in all you do. If they give you a large sum of money, take it since it belongs to us.”

Yet, he advised people to vote their consciences so that, in the end, they would feel sorry that, despite their resources, they had failed to prevail.

Mr. Ezeagwu also exhorted the people to persevere and forbade them from amassing little cash in order to avoid mortgaging their future.

“Grow your spirit and mind to realize that you cannot be helped by this peanut you are collecting. Have faith that we have already arrived at Asaba’s Osadebe (Government House).

The summit’s organizer, Benjamin Jakpor, had earlier urged the populace to cast a sizable number of votes for the LP candidates in the gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections.

The main goal of the event, according to Mr. Jakpor, was to unite the LP candidates and their supporters in Delta Central in order to create momentum before the polls on March 18.

He pointed out that collaborative effort would be more effective than a solitary approach to the election.

“We made it obvious to the federal government that we were fed up with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta and the All Progressive Congress (APC) at the top of the government.

“We dealt them a fatal blow in the elections for the President and National Assembly, and we’re going to do better in the elections for the governor and house of representatives.

“We are sick and tired of the state’s debts and corruption. Vote for LP candidates at the polls so that we can create a new Delta.

“Every resident of Delta owes the state government over N150,000 in debt.

“We will put an end to that on Saturday through a vote, he declared, so that we can retake the state from the opposition.”

Mr. Jakpor claimed that the party’s momentum from the February 25 presidential and National Assembly elections still exists and that voters were prepared to maintain it in the March 18 elections.

He warned them that if Delta went to the APC or PDP, the state would be held in servitude for the following four years.

The summit’s organizer promised that on March 18, a new Delta will begin, with Ken Pela, the LP’s candidate for governor of the state, and other party candidates for the House of Assembly coming out on top.

Lawrence Egodotayire and Joshua Omorere, the LP candidates running for the House Assembly seats in Ethiope West and Ughelli South, respectively, thanked the electorate and pleaded for their support in the vote.

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