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The Rate Nigerians Are Fleeing Abroad is Alarming – NIS

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The alarming rate at which Nigerians are leaving the country has drawn the attention of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), which has called it a “worrisome phenomena.”

Joachim Olumba, the NIS comptroller in Enugu, made this statement on Thursday during a drive to educate stakeholders in the state about the epidemic of migrant smuggling.

Together with the International Center for Migration Policy and Development, the NIS directorate organized the education (ICMPD).

Given the worrying rate at which Nigerians of all ages—young and old—show interest in leaving the country, Mr. Olumba remarked, “This program couldn’t have been organized at a more suitable moment.” “This is causing a worrying occurrence that is now often referred to as “Japa” in the local vernacular.”

He claimed that social, economic, and security issues were frequently the driving forces behind people’s desire to leave their home countries, and that many Nigerians, particularly the young, were doing just that.

“For many people, achieving their desire to leave the country is more important than finding a way to get there. It doesn’t really matter to them if they are trafficked, transported, or even manage to exit the country as stowaways, the NIS comptroller continued.

The comptroller further said that “migrants have endured unfathomable and unprintable hardships as a result of their desperation.

“This life of regret brought on by the foolish mission to migrate by all means has had a profound impact on many SOM victims. This is the reason why this campaign to raise awareness and educate the public is both timely and imperative,” according to the NIS official.

It is intended to provide migration managers and stakeholders with sufficient knowledge to curb the pandemic, he continued. Additionally, to provide the public with pertinent information on how to avoid migrating in order to avoid falling prey to zealous SOM and TIP advocates.

The NIS and their associates were praised by Mr. Olumba for bringing the campaign to Enugu.

“There is no doubt that you have made proactive measures to stop the alarmingly high prevalence of SOM in the state and elsewhere. The NIS official continued, “We hope the relationship will continue until the harmful phenomena has been completely eradicated. “We cannot not stand by as our children, the hope of our cherished country’s future, are everyday exposed to the serious threat posed by SOM.”

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