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Taliban’s ‘Crime Against Humanity’ on Women Right Denial is Demanded by the ICC

Agnes Callamard

Amnesty International and the International Commission of Jurists stated in a joint study released on Friday that Taliban limitations on women’s rights should be looked into as potential crimes under international law.

The Taliban’s limitations on the rights of Afghan women and children are described in the study released by the two non-governmental organizations with headquarters in London and Geneva.

The Taliban have severely curtailed rights since coming to power in August 2021, and their government has grown more totalitarian.

Women’s access to healthcare, employment opportunities, and travel have all been constrained.

These crimes have a global scope. Agnès Callamard, secretary general of Amnesty International, described them as organized, broad, and systematic.

The groups have urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to look into “the crime against humanity of gender persecution” as part of their continuing probe into the situation in Afghanistan.

In addition, they urged the international community to bring up “gender persecution and other possible crimes under international law by the Taliban” during the upcoming UN Human Rights Council meeting.

According to Ms. Callamard, the Taliban’s activities required a stronger international response than what has been seen thus far.

There is only one possible solution, according to her, and that is to abolish the system that oppresses and persecutes women.

The Taliban leaders, who assert that they have established a “Islamic system” in the wake of the withdrawal of the U.S.-led NATO forces from the nation, have not yet provided any response on the findings. The Taliban previously referred to similar findings as biased and anti-Taliban propaganda.

A resolution urging the Taliban to promote “full, equal, meaningful and safe participation of women and girls” in Afghanistan was unanimously approved by the UN Security Council in April.

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