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Switzerland Accuse Former Gambian Minister Offense Towards Humanity

Zambian minister Ousman Sonko

Ousman Sonko, a former interior minister of the Gambia who deserted the nation and sought refuge in Switzerland, has been charged with crimes against humanity by a Swiss court.

The charges against Mr. Sonko, who is accused of taking part in the violent suppression of the civilian population while serving as the interior minister from 2006 to 2016, were made public by Switzerland’s attorney general on Tuesday.

Previously, Mr. Sonko oversaw the National Guard of the nation. He had been in charge of ensuring the safety of Yahya Jammeh, the former president of the Gambia, who left the country in 2016 and traveled to Sweden and Switzerland, after which he submitted an asylum request and spent many weeks living in peace in an asylum center.

After reporters located him and notified authorities of his location, he was arrested in Switzerland.

Over six years were spent on Mr. Sonko’s case in Switzerland.

In his different roles and responsibilities, Mr. Sonko “is accused of having supported, involved in, and failed to prevent systematic and generalized assault as part of the oppression conducted by the Gambian security forces towards all opponents of the regime,” according to the accusation.

The allegations were announced in a written statement by the Swiss Attorney General’s Office.

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