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Spain Became First Nation in Europe to Let Women Take Menstrual Breaks

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The sexual and reproductive health law in Spain, which grants women the right to take time out of work for their periods, went into force on Thursday.

The left-wing government’s draft creating the Gender Equality Ministry was accepted by parliament in February.

Since then, additions have been made to the new statute.

Due to the removal of obstacles, it is now simpler to obtain an abortion and change a trans person’s gender.

Irene Montero, the minister of equality, referred to the legislative decision in February as a “historic day for the advancement of feminist rights.”

Menstrual leave is not often governed by law.

German law does not contain a corresponding clause.

Only three days a year are allowed for women to stay at home in Taiwan, and even then, they only receive 50% of their normal pay.

The law in South Korea does not specify who is responsible for paying the employee’s salary, however businesses are required to grant their female employees one day off every month if they desire it.

Female employees in Spain need a doctor’s note in order to take menstruation leave.

The leave from work may, in theory, last for as long as you choose.

The severity and duration of the menstrual discomfort are relevant factors, according to the law.

The costs are met by the state.


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