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South Africa Zookeeper Mauled By 16-Foot Crocodile In Front Of Tourist

Zookeeper Mauled By 16 Foot Crocodile

In front of startled tourists, a 16-foot crocodile attacked a zookeeper, but he narrowly escaped death.

While perched atop the 660-pound reptile, crocodile handler Sean Le Clus was viciously mauled before another reptile also came after him.

At the Crocodile Creek farm in the KwaZulu Natal state of South Africa, the 68-year-old received a terrifying bite from a female crocodile by the name of July, followed by a bite from a Nile crocodile by the name of Hannibal.

The animal’s five-inch-long teeth sunk into the handler’s thigh and he had to maneuver and push himself free. The handler has been caring for Hannibal for more than 30 years.

South Africa Zookeeper Mauled By 16-Foot Crocodile In Front Of Tourist

On September 10, the croc tore his body from him and threw him to the enclosure’s floor before making an all-fours break for freedom.

In order to calm the female crocodile down while he displayed his “party trick” of riding on Hannibal’s back for the audience, Sean Le Clus had just given her a chicken.

He pats the enormous predator on the head and congratulates him for being a “good boy,” but he is unaware that July is now arrowing in his direction.

South Africa Zookeeper Mauled By 16-Foot Crocodile In Front Of Tourist

He dismounts the enormous male for safety at the last second, pulling his leg out of the female’s mouth and fighting it off with a stick.

However, after diverting his focus away from Hannibal, the 103-stone predator recognizes his opportunity and jerks his head around with its jaws open.

Sean, who had previously been bitten by another crocodile and sustained a leg wound that caused him to limp for 11 months, jumped backward in fear.

In the past, he has warned, “If a croc gets a hold of you, it’s game over.”

During the possibly fatal attack at the Crocodile Creek tourist destination in South Africa, dozens of tourists yelled out in shock.

6000 crocodiles, alligators, and snakes may be found in the well-known reptile park on the flood plain of the Utongati River, which is located just north of Durban.

Sean Le Clus had two significant tooth holes, but he self-stitched them and returned to work in just 20 minutes, a Crocodile Creek representative told The South African newspaper.

Hannibal bit a handler for the first time, and it happened when the female moved in on him. She can be quite stroppy.

Sean Le Clus was observing the female, and Hannibal only reminded him of his presence. If it had been a true bite, the damage would have been severe.



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