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Sony Middle East and Africa Gives Producers and Directors More Empowerment

Sony Middle East and Africa Gives Producers and Directors More Empowerment

The Venice 2 has been added to the Sony Middle East and Africa brand’s Cinema portfolio in West Africa in collaboration with Abazee Productions and its commercial partner, Kontakt Pro Nigeria. The most recent Venice upgrade intends to produce a full-frame digital cinema camera with inbuilt X-OCN recording and a selection of 8k and 6k sensors, as well as one of two full-frame image sensors, each of which offers remarkable picture quality.

The impressively presented demo workshop, the first of its type in the area, was held at Nexthought Studios in Ikate, Lekki, Lagos. Top industry figures attended, including investors, cinematographers, and content creators like Clarence Peters, a multi-award-winning music video director, filmmaker, and cinematographer; Akin Alabi, a cinematographer, content creator, and writer; Ibidunni Oladayo, a film director; and Unlimited LA, a multi-award-winning music video director, cinematographer, and colorist, among others. They were treated to an interactive workshop and an exhibition.

Alister Chapman, a cinematographer, digital imaging technician, and trainer, said of his experience using the Venice 2 camera: “A camera like Venice is a device that filmmakers have dreamed about for a long time. Exceptional image quality and a very simple and easy workflow. Venice is a pleasure to work with whether you are filming for Netflix or IMAX.

The acclaimed filmmaker in particular emphasized that Venice 2 will be particularly helpful in capturing rich and textured photos of skin tones, which are frequently more difficult to capture by other devices. The Venice 2 camera, which is dedicated to the user-centric philosophy for filmmakers, opens up a wide range of possibilities from a workflow perspective that saves time and resources. Filmmakers can create compact productions using Venice 2 that will ultimately be quicker, easier, and undoubtedly more creative.


Sony Middle East and Africa Gives Producers and Directors More Empowerment


With a freshly created full-frame image sensor that satisfies the demands of the film industry and pushes the limits of large-format image captures with remarkable picture quality, Venice was created exclusively for high-end filmmaking. Hollywood blockbusters including Avatar: The Way of Water, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and Top Gun: Maverick, among others, have been made in Venice.

Sony built Venice 2 on the foundation of its strengths, adding additional features including an internal recorder, a compact design, and the choice between two distinct sensors: either the newly created full-frame 8.6K sensor or the original 6K Venice sensor. The Venice 2 also carries along well-liked characteristics from the first Venice, such as color science, Dual Base ISO, and 8-stops of integrated ND filters.

The Venice 2 has received certification that it complies with Netflix technology overall. Venice 2 was first used on the sets of outstanding films including Outer Banks 3, Take Me, Venezia, Homecoming the short film, Cowboy Currency, The Super Bowl halftime show, and is now being used on the set of the well-known 80s sequel Beetlejuice. These films were all made after Venice 2’s formal launch in November 2021.

“It was a simple commercial choice for me to invest in Sony’s Venice 2. According to Abayomi Olukanmi, CEO of Abazee Productions, “The Cine Line Tour came at the right time, and the feedback from those who have already interacted with the camera is encouraging.” The Venice 2 is owned and offered for hire by his company, the first in West Africa.

Additionally, Sony’s operations have placed a strong emphasis on inclusiveness, especially in light of the growing popularity of African filmmakers on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The Venice 2 camera’s accessibility may spur an improvement in the caliber of movies and other commercial content in West Africa.

“Venice 2 is a fantastic option for any cinematographer because the post-production process is simpler and more effective overall. Under a variety of lighting circumstances, the VENICE 2 delivers stunning, cinematic photos with superb color separation, shadow detail, and smooth, natural skin tones. The expansion of Venice 2 into the Nigerian filmmaking industry is something Sony is anticipating, according to Omar Abuaisha, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sony Middle East and Africa. Venice 2 is now available for rent with Abazee Productions in Lagos, Nigeria, and we’re looking to onboard more African filmmakers.

One of the largest rental organizations in Nigeria, Abazee Productions, offers The Venice 2 for rent. Visit https://www.sony.com/ng/electronics/cinema-line for more details about Venice 2 and other Cinema Line goods.


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