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South African Dead Pastor Still In Morgue As Family Awaits His Resurrection

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A Pastor from South Africa died almost a year ago, but his family is still waiting for his resurrection.

Siva Moodley, a well-known South African pastor who died in August 2021, is still in a Gauteng mortuary after failing to rise from the dead as promised.

The aforementioned clergyman has been in the morgue for 13 months.

According to The South African, Siva Moodley, who has a large following both domestically and abroad, was venerated by the religious community for a series of purported ‘miracles’ he allegedly performed while still alive. Critics, however, assert that these were executed “with a slight of hand.”

The priest has been lying in a coffin inside Martins Funeral Home since he passed away about 400 days ago. The Four ways-based charity has received a respectable payment to keep the religious leader in their care, but even a financial flow of over R60,000 (or around N1.5 million) is beginning to run out.

The funeral home’s director, Martin du Toit, recently disclosed to IOL that he is requesting permission from the courts to either burn or cremate the remains. In fact, it appears that even the pastor’s fervent followers have given up hope for a resurrection. In the past year, Siva Moodley has not received any visitors.

The Miracle Centre’s 53-year-old founder passed away on August 15 after becoming ill. The Miracle Centre is located in the northern part of Johannesburg. On any of their social media channels, Moodley’s church has not expressed regret for his passing.

It’s also true that the pastor’s social media profiles, particularly his Twitter account, are still active and daily Tweets are sent out appearing to be from him. His wife and son provide the sermons during services, which are streamed live via social media.

The chances of a resurrection are getting less and less likely thanks to a new report from Africa Facts Zone.

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