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Silicon Valley Titan/Intel Co-founder, Gordon Moore Died At 94

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The cofounder of Intel, once the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, and a pioneer in the microprocessor business, Gordon Moore, passed away on Friday at the age of 94, according to Intel.

Moore played a significant role in the contemporary era’s technical advancements by assisting businesses in developing ever-more-powerful processors for ever-smaller computers.

He cofounded Intel in July 1968 as an engineer by training, eventually holding the positions of president, chief executive, and chairman of the board.

Gordon Moore passed away “at his home in Hawaii, surrounded by family,” according to Santa Clara, California-based Intel.

Intel gained a reputation for constant innovation in its early years and went on to become one of the biggest and most significant firms in the technology industry.

Moore first formulated the hypothesis that would later be known as “Moore’s Law” in a 1965 essay. It predicted that the power of integrated circuits will practically double each year. Then, he changed the rule such that it would double every two years.

For many years, the axiom was true and came to represent the modern world’s quick technical advancement.

In a 2008 interview, Moore stated, “What I was attempting to do was get across the message, that by putting more and more stuff on a chip we were going to make all electronics cheaper.”

Gordon Moore joined Fairchild Semiconductor Laboratories, one of the first companies to produce commercially viable transistors and integrated circuits, in 1957 after receiving his PhD from CalTech with a colleague.

As the business expanded, the foundations were laid for the peninsula of land south of San Francisco to become Silicon Valley.

In 1968, Moore and his longstanding collaborator Robert Noyce went their separate ways, joined by Andy Grove, who would later lead Intel.

In 2006, Gordon Moore stepped down from Intel.

The creator of Silicon Valley

With the foundation he established with his wife of 72 years, Betty, Moore contributed more than $5.1 billion to philanthropic causes throughout the course of his lifetime.

Harvey Fineberg, head of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, said that even though Gordon never aimed to become well-known, his vision and his life’s work “allowed the incredible creativity and technical breakthroughs that influence our everyday lives.”

Executives at Intel praised Gordon Moore profusely.

According to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, “He was crucial in demonstrating the power of transistors and encouraged researchers and businesspeople across the decades.”

“He leaves behind a legacy that altered the course of human history. His legacy will endure,” tweeted Gelsinger.

Moore’s ideas, according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Apple CEO Tim Cook, “motivated so many of us to pursue technology,” Pichai wrote in a tweet. Cook also referred to Him as “one of Silicon Valley’s founding fathers.”

“All of us who followed owe him a debt of gratitude,” Cook said on Twitter. “May he rest in peace.”

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