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Self-determination Group Informs PMB That 5 Million Yoruba Signed Petition To Leave Nigeria

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The Yoruba Self-Determined Movement (YSDM), a group, has encouraged President Muhammadu Buhari to respond to a letter the group wrote, in which the group claimed that the Yoruba people were prepared to peacefully split from Nigeria.

Banji Ayiloge, one of the group’s leaders, revealed this in reference to the letter to the President that was jointly signed by him, Professor Banji Akintoye, Chief Sunday Igboho, and Prof. Adeniran.

Five million Yoruba signed the petition to establish the Yoruba nation, according to Ayiloge, demonstrating their desire to be liberated from internal colonialism.

The administration was then urged to respond to the letter without further delay, according to The Independent.

Vice-Chairman of the YSDM Ayiloge urged Buhari to read their demands and act on them.

According to the group’s letter, a sizable portion of Yoruba people wish to leave the nation due to their deteriorating and distressing circumstances.

The letter, according to Ayiloge, “was written to send notice to Nigeria that the Yoruba Nation is prepared to leave Nigeria peacefully.”

He clarified that the letter was appropriate and justified by law as a response to inquiries made by the group’s diplomatic team regarding the Nigerian government’s response to Yoruba calls for a separate country.

“YSDM was circumspect in our letter to Nigeria’s President because we needed to show that Yorubas value peace, according to YSDM.

“The Yoruba people can now wait another month to see how Nigeria’s president will respond.

The momentum for a separate nation among Yoruba people has reached a crescendo, and there is no turning back. Nevertheless, we are willing to discuss our people about the best course of action.

The Yoruba Self-Determination Movement (YSDM) is an alliance of numerous Yoruba groups from all over the world that firmly support the Yoruba self-determination agenda.

The Yoruba Council, the highest policy-making organ of the organization, will therefore decide on the next course of action. The next course of action will be decided by the council.

Despite ongoing provocations, the group asked Yoruba people to uphold the law.

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