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Saudi Arabia, Nigeria Collaborate to Fight Drug Trafficking

Nigeria and Saudi Arabia flag

Nigeria is working with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to fight drug trafficking, according to Yahaya Lawal, the ambassador of Nigeria to Saudi Arabia.

He said that anti-drug security authorities had been working to stop drug trafficking between the two nations in a virtual interview on Saturday.

A joint commission meeting was recently conducted in Abuja to discuss the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on combating drug trafficking, according to Mr. Lawal.

“A joint commission meeting was held in Abuja in October, and the topic of MoU was one among the topics covered.”

A collaboration between our securities services, especially the drug trafficking organizations between our two nations, was agreed upon, according to Mr. Lawal.

While pointing out that other citizens also trade drugs into the country in Western Asia, Mr. Lawal claimed that measures were in place to stop the problem.

The two agencies are working together, he assured them, to stop the threat in its tracks.

Mr. Lawal claims that drug trafficking is punishable by death under Saudi Arabia law.

“It is terrible, and the punishment is death,” he said.

The representative claimed that the Nigerian embassy educated Nigerians on the Asian nation’s anti-drug trafficking policies from the time of visa application to the time of entry.

“Nigerians are aware that anyone trying to do it will face harsh punishment,”

Mr. Lawal also urged Nigerian residents and visitors to the Kingdom to uphold the law and continue to represent Nigeria well in their host nation.

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