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Rise In Penis Injuries In UK as 169 Men’s Manhoods Reportedly Repaired In A Year

Surgery in UK

In the 12 months leading up to April 2022, surgeons in the United Kingdom mended 169 fractured manhoods, an increase of 46 from the previous year.

According to official NHS statistics, more men are snapping their todgers during intercourse.

The Scottish Sun reports that specialists believe it might indicate that more men are using Viagra to take a stand.

Although two patients in their 70s had breaks last year, the majority of treatments involve males in their 30s.

To patch the tear, a cut must be made in the penis.

Breaks happen during sex when the willy comes out and becomes bent on the way back in, usually when the woman is on top, according to London-based consultant urologist Gordon Muir.

Most guys experience a snap or crack and lose their erection, he claimed.

Bruising is frequently present. The penis might have an eggplant appearance.

“Erectile dysfunction or scarring can create major long-term complications if left addressed.”

Rob Andrews, 32, of Liverpool, fractured his member during a romp with partner Isabella Woolf while under the influence of Viagra.

I leaped on top of him and heard a snap, she remarked.

“X-rays taken at the hospital revealed a penile break. Thankfully, it has healed!


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