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Reverse Fuel Subsidy Removal or Face Widespread Protests – Organization warns Tinubu

Bola Ahmed Tinubu time100 2023

President Bola Tinubu has been warned that if he removes the gasoline subsidy, there will be widespread protests, according to the civil society organization Free Nigeria Movement (FNM).

Moses Paul, the convener of FNM, issued a statement to the media on Friday that said in part, “We call for the immediate reversal of this pronouncement, failing which we shall begin national protests within the next seven (7) days.”

He also urged the government to ensure that palliatives be provided in order to mitigate the effects of the pump price hike.

In his inauguration address on Monday, President Tinubu announced the end of gasoline subsidies, claiming that the current administration had not included such a provision in the 2023 appropriations act.

However, the revelation coincided with a major fuel scarcity, which led to the closure of numerous gas stations and an increase in pump prices at others in order to profit handsomely from panicked purchases.

“While we recognize the need to put an end to the criminal subsidy regime, we fail to comprehend the urgency of this announcement given that a prior agreement by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration set the subsidy withdrawal for June 2023,” stated Mr. Paul.

“What is most concerning is the haste without any thought to the cushioning mechanisms that would be put in place to reduce the suffering of our sizable poor population.

“So, like many Nigerians, we are interested in learning what the pronouncement’s purpose was.

“Standing with the underprivileged people of Nigeria and never giving in to their demands. As usual, we urge Nigerians to take a stance for their nation and the right to live there in complete dignity. We have only this one nation. Standing on the law, we shall do everything in our power to defend it. Nigeria can only stand for everyone’s benefit in this way. Let Nigeria Win as usual,” Mr. Paul remarked.

A statewide strike that would start on Wednesday was previously declared by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

Following a meeting of its National Executive Council (NEC) in Abuja on the loss of fuel subsidies and ensuing increase in the price of gasoline at the pump, the union announced the industrial action on Friday.

The NEC is made up of all of the NLC’s affiliate unions’ presidents, general secretaries, and treasurers, as well as state chairs and secretaries of the NLC state councils, the chair of the NLC youth committee, and members of the NAC.

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