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Province in Mongolia enforces a quarantine because of the bubonic plague

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The Western Khovd Province of Mongolia‘s quarantined a district on account of the bubonic plague, according to a notice from the provincial governor’s office on Monday.

The decision, according to the office, was made after a case of the bubonic plague was verified in the province’s Must District after the sick person had marmot meat the previous week.

Although it is against the law to hunt marmots in Mongolia, many people do it because they consider the rodent to be delectable.

According to the National Center for Zoonotic Diseases of Mongolia, 17 of the country’s 21 provinces are at danger for the bubonic plague.

A bacterial illness called the bubonic plague can be spread by fleas found on wild rodents like marmots.

According to the World Health Organization, if the ailment is not treated in a timely manner, an adult could pass away in less than 24 hours.


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