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Prime Minister Liz Truss deliver her 1st speech after resuming office

Liz Truss first Speech

In her first speech as prime minister, Liz Truss asserts that the UK can “ride out the storm.”

On Tuesday, Liz Truss was elected as the third female prime minister in British history. She promised to immediately begin addressing the nation’s soaring cost of living crisis and expressed confidence that “together we can ride out the storm” of economic issues the country is now facing.

Truss, 47, assumed office on a day of formal events that saw her scandal-plagued predecessor Boris Johnson resign in a combative address at Downing Street in London before both leaders went to Scotland to meet the Queen for a transfer of power.

Truss, who previously held the position of foreign minister in the previous administration, was elected as party leader after receiving the most votes to succeed Johnson, who announced his resignation in July following a slew of scandals. Her nomination fills a leadership gap that the UK had been experiencing for several months as its worst economic crisis in decades grew worse.

The nation is dealing with a worsening cost-of-living problem, a failing healthcare system, and a seemingly never-ending wave of labor strikes, so Truss has a long list of things to do According to CNN Reports.

On the steps of Downing Street on Tuesday night, Truss stated that reforming the National Health Service and implementing tax cuts to boost the economy were her top priorities. However, she did not provide any details on particular initiatives.

In addition, Liz Truss pledged to fight for liberty and democracy in the face of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

“I will deal hands on with the energy crisis forged by Putin’s war. I will take action this week to deal with energy bills and to secure our future energy supply,” Truss said. “By delivering on the economy, on energy and on the NHS, we will put our nation on the path to long-term success.”

She concluded on a positive tone while noting the many challenges the UK was currently facing.

“We should not be daunted by the challenges we face. As strong as the storm may be, I know that the British people are stronger,” Truss said. “Our country was built by people who get things done. We have huge reserves of talent, of energy and determination and I am confident that together we can ride out the storm.”

The cost of electricity is the most pressing issue Truss needs to address since it is forcing millions of Britons to choose between putting food on the table and heating their homes this winter and might cause a wave of business closures. If nothing is done soon, experts have warned, more people will go hungry and die from the cold.

Prime Minister Liz Truss deliver her 1st speech after resuming office

As the energy situation worsens, the Bank of England predicts that UK inflation will soar to 13% and that the nation will experience a recession by the end of the year. According to Goldman Sachs, if natural gas prices “stay elevated at current levels,” they might possibly reach 22%.

In a change from tradition, Truss visited Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Tuesday before being sworn in as prime minister.

The Queen typically asks the new prime minister to form a government during an audience in London’s Buckingham Palace, but due to her mobility concerns, she decided not to travel to the British capital for the first time in her 70-year reign.

Shortly after Boris Johnson met with the Queen to formally resign as prime minister, Truss had a meeting with the monarch.

Johnson praised his accomplishments in his parting speech outside Downing Street early on Tuesday, avoided mentioning his failings, and vowed to back Liz Truss‘ incoming administration.

Watch Boris Johnson farewell speech Here

“Like Cincinnatus, I am returning to my plow, and I will be offering this government nothing but my fervent support,” alluding to a legendary Roman statesman who dedicated himself to the republic in times of need. “It’s time for us all to get behind Liz Truss and her team and her program.”

In order to appoint a Cabinet, Truss will now start by elevating many of her supporters from her successful leadership campaign. Kwasi Kwarteng and Suella Braverman are expected to be promoted, but Nadine Dorries and Priti Patel, two Johnson acolytes, have left.

Additionally, Truss will be asked to describe how she intends to address the critical cost-of-living problem facing the UK as quickly as feasible. If the new leader does not present precise proposals within the next 48 hours, her political adversaries, both inside and outside the Conservative Party, will not find it acceptable.

Following that, on Wednesday afternoon, Liz Truss will participate in her first Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons. Her team will view this as a crucial opportunity to establish the tone of her leadership.

Given that Liz Truss was viewed as the Johnson continuity candidate in the leadership race, considerable attention will be devoted to how much she departs from Johnson’s legislative agenda.

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