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Pope Francis is prepared to visit North Korea under Kim Jong Un

Pope ready to visit Kim Jong Uns North Korea

According to Pope Francis, he has no objections to go to North Korea if the country’s officials offer an invitation.

In an interview that was only partially made public on Friday, the pope told a South Korean television station.

“I will go there as soon as they invite me. I’m saying they should invite me. I will not refuse. The purpose of my visit is always brotherly love,’’ Mr Francis told KBS.

North Koreans are subject to a dictatorship that is led by Kim Jong Un, who is also the nation’s original founder’s grandson.

In general, North Koreans are not allowed to leave, and few visitors are accepted. Since the coronavirus pandemic started, the country has been sealed off much more tightly than usual.

Mr. Francis told KBS that he had observed how the two nations had managed to survive the warfare. The conflict that split the peninsula into North and South Korea has technically never stopped.

“You have endured the aches of combat. So you are aware of what war is. Construct peace. I wish everyone in both Koreas peace and extend my blessings.” Pope Francis stated.

Mr. Francis has already made suggestions that he would be open to visiting North Korea.

Lazarus You Heung-sik, a bishop from South Korea, is anticipated to be made a cardinal by the Pope on Saturday.

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