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Woman Shot Uber Driver On a Count of Abduction

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Phoebe Copas, an American lady, was charged with murder for killing Daniel Piedra Garcia, an Uber driver, whom she said was trying to kidnap her and take her to Mexico.

According to the Texas police, Ms. Copas, who was on her way to see her lover, believed she was being kidnapped and brought to Mexico while traveling.

Ms. Copas thought she was being kidnapped when she spotted traffic signs that said Juarez, Mexico.

She called the 911 emergency line, took a picture of the driver to show her lover, then grabbed a revolver out of her bag and shot the driver.

After being accused of killing Mr. Garcia, the 48-year-old woman has remained in police detention.

After relying on life support for several hours, the 52-year-old man passed away in a hospital.

Copas shot Piedra because she believed she was being brought into Mexico at some point during the journey. According to the police statement, “the investigation does not indicate that Piedra was traveling away from Copas’ intended destination or that a kidnapping occurred.

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