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People Pay Up to $15,000 for Twitter verification – Elon Musk

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Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk, has admitted that certain former workers of the business sold the coveted Twitter verification badge (blue tick) to some people for thousands of dollars.

In response to an inquiry from a user who questioned the new CEO if the claims that some employees were selling the verification badge to ineligible people for payments ranging from $15,000 upwards were real, Mr. Musk acknowledged the covert behavior.

The world’s richest man responded to the user’s tweet with “yup,” revealing that some people who could afford it were really given verification credentials.

Since he acquired control of the social media business last month in a $44 billion acquisition, Mr. Musk has worked to improve Twitter’s authentication procedure.

Any Twitter user who pays the $8 monthly fee for the company’s premium service will be able to receive the blue badge on their profile under the new verification system, which the Tesla CEO dubbed “power to the people.”

The previous approach was circumvented because it was only intended for those who could demonstrate their high reputation.

The firm said that its premium customers would receive the blue tick, and various publications, including DiasporaInfo, claim that Twitter began rolling out the $8 per month Twitter blue service in Apple iOS devices on Saturday.

Although the service is currently only accessible to users in a small number of carefully chosen nations, Mr. Musk promised that it will soon be made available to everyone in the world “as soon as we validate it’s operating well in the initial set of nations and we get the translation work done.”

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