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Pakistan records 5,382 dengue fever infections amid its flood hazards

Flooded Pakistan

Dengue fever infections have been steadily increasing in Pakistan as a result of an outbreak that is mostly attributed to floods brought on by the country’s heavy monsoon rains.

On Monday, the provincial health department reported 419 new infections in southern Sindh on the previous day.

The provincial capital of Karachi, which reported 343 new cases, was the hardest-hit area, according to the report.

With the recently disclosed dengue fever cases, the overall number of dengue cases reported in the province so far in September has increased to 5,382, bringing the year’s total to 7,951.

Early on Sunday morning, the provincial health authorities announced that the eastern Punjab province had reported 385 new cases in the previous 24 hours.

Lahore, the capital of Punjab, reported 186 new cases, and Rawalpindi, with 100 cases. The overall number of dengue cases in Punjab this year has increased to 4,921.

The provincial health department announced early on Sunday night that 213 more persons in the northwest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province received the disease’s diagnosis in the previous day.

There are currently 1,189 active cases in the province, bringing the total number of cases this year to 6,625.

Health officials announced early on Sunday night that 68 new dengue cases had been detected in the past 24 hours in Islamabad, the nation’s capital. This year, the overall number in the city increased to 1,991.

In reaction to the alarmingly high number of dengue cases in the nation, the Pakistani government has started a campaign to increase public awareness of the disease.

In the interim, the government has implemented specific measures in dengue hotspots to stop the disease’s spread through mosquitoes.

In containers that contain water and seem like stagnant water, dengue mosquitoes breed. Joint pain, nausea, vomiting, rashes, breathing issues, hemorrhage, and organ failure can all occur in severe dengue fever cases.

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