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Officials From Cameroon ask Nigeria For Troops to Battle Boko Haram Rebels

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Following Tuesday’s Boko Haram attacks that left at least 12 people dead, including six soldiers, northern Cameroonian officials are allegedly asking for more troops to be sent to their border from their authority as well as forces from Nigeria and Chad, two neighboring countries.

The Far North governor of Cameroon, Midjiyawa Bakari, revealed on Wednesday that scores of heavily armed Islamist radicals had penetrated the perilous Lake Chad region, attacking, pillaging, and sowing panic. The Far North region of Cameroon borders Chad and Nigeria.

In a critical emergency meeting, President Paul Biya reportedly ordered officials and troops in Cameroon’s Far North to ensure that armed Islamist extremists invading the unstable Lake Chad region are halted, according to Mr. Bakari, who spoke to Voice of America on Wednesday.

He claimed that Mr. Biya called the crisis conference following a surprise attack on Tuesday on government forces stationed in the northern towns of Mora and Zigague (which border Nigeria and Chad) by several hundred militants resulted in the deaths of three soldiers, two customs officers, and two civilians.

Despite being weakened, Mr. Bakari claimed that Boko Haram was still raiding communities in order to kill their rivals and take money, food, and livestock.

According to the Cameroonian military, the troops discovered several dozen demolished homes and government structures in addition to five additional civilian corpses in the nearby woods near Zigague.

Military officials made vague claims that forces killed numerous rebels near the borders with Nigeria and Chad.

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