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Odell Beckham JR. Escorted Off Airplane After ‘MEDICAL EMERGENCY’

Odell Beckham Jr

A free agent Odell Beckham Jr., the Super Bowl champion, was required to be taken from an American Airlines flight over the weekend due to an incident.

American Airlines informed the Miami-Dade Police Department of a “medical emergency” involving Beckham. According to the airline, Beckham was “very unwell” and the company didn’t want the condition to “worsen” during the scheduled 5-hour journey.

Beckham appeared to be in and out of consciousness, so the crew ordered him to get off the plane. When he refused, they deplaned the aircraft. At that point, police officers boarded and helped him board the American Airlines plane. Without any further incident, he left.

The press notice from the Miami-Dade Police Department describing the incident was shared on Twitter by NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero.

“Officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department were called to a medical emergency at an American Airlines flight at around 9:30 a.m. Prior to takeoff, the flight crew became concerned for Mr. Odell Beckham, a passenger, as they sought to wake him so he could tighten his seat belt. He appeared to be entering and exiting consciousness.

“The flight attendants alerted the police and fire rescue out of concern that Mr. Beckham was critically ill and that his condition might get worse throughout the anticipated five-hour flight. The flight crew repeatedly requested Mr. Beckham to depart the plane when the authorities arrived, but he refused. When the plane deplaned, the cops ordered Mr. Beckham to get off and he did so without any problems.”

The authorities led Mr. Odell Beckham to the terminal’s non-secure area, where he made alternate arrangements.


Also the NFL Network employee Ian Rapoport shared a tweet about the message from American Airlines on his feed:

The flight “returned to the gate before takeoff owing to a passenger failing to obey crew member instructions and refusing to tighten their seatbelt,” the airline said in a tone that was a touch more stern about the situation.


Odell Beckham JR. makes reference to what had happened earlier in the day on his Twitter feed. “Never in my life have I experienced what just happened to me… I’ve seen it alll..”

However, a passenger who recorded Beckham being led off the plane and afterwards tweeted “comedy hr” with a laughing emoji found nothing funny about what happened.

Daniel Davilier, the attorney for Odell, issued a statement suggesting that a flight attendant had used his “power.” Odell, according to Davilier, was merely dozing off, and the attendant might just have awoken him in the same way to request that he fasten his seatbelt. Instead, the flight attendant instructed him to exit the aircraft because he hadn’t fastened his seatbelt. Odell Beckham JR. had no trouble doing as he was instructed, but by that point, the crew member claimed it was too late.



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