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Nurse Lucy Letby On Trial For Murder Of Newborn Babies

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On Monday, a neo-natal nurse in Britain began her trial on charges that she killed seven of the babies in her responsibility and attempted to kill another ten.

Between June 2015 and June 2016, Lucy Letby, 32, is accused of killing 5 boys and 2 girls, as well as attempting to kill another 5 boys and 5 girls.

She is suspected of having committed the murders while working at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Chester, northwest England.

Neonatal mortality at the hospital had been equivalent to other units around the nation, according to lead prosecutor Nick Johnson.

But over the course of 18 months starting in January 2015, there was a “significant” increase in fatalities and serious catastrophic failures.

The sudden deterioration of newborns who were already dying worried the consultants. Some people who collapsed did not recover after receiving the proper care.

He told a jury at Manchester Crown Court that some patients had collapsed then miraculously recovered, defying “the conventional experience” of doctors.

“Having searched for a cause, which they were unable to find, the consultants noticed that the inexplicable collapses and deaths did have one common denominator,” he claimed.

“The presence of one of the neo-natal nurses and that nurse was Lucy Letby.”

Johnson claimed that when Lucy Letby worked night shifts, then switched to working during the day, deaths and collapses occurred.

According to one analysis, two kids may have ingested insulin poisoning within the first year following mid-2015. The “only reasonable conclusion” that can be made, he continued, is that it was done on purpose.

He declared that the falls and deaths of all 17 of the youngsters involved were “not accidents” or “naturally occurring catastrophes.”

According to the attorney, some people had air injected into their circulation, while others were administered insulin or excessive amounts of milk.

“They were all the work, we say, of the woman in the dock, who we say was the constant malevolent presence when things took a turn for the worse of these 17 children,” Johnson asserted.

Lucy Letby is accused of 22 offenses in total, including seven counts of murder and 15 counts of attempted murder because she allegedly made many attempts to kill some children.

The youngest suspected murder victim, a boy who was delivered preterm, was only a day old and “healthy,” but he passed away 90 minutes after Letby started working that day, according to testimony given in court.

A purposeful injection of air or another substance into his circulation minutes before his collapse, according to medical professionals, is a plausible explanation for his death.

The jury was informed that the boy’s skin’s discoloration was consistent with some of the other incidents in which Lucy Letby is accused of injecting air into a victim’s bloodstream.

A few hours later, Letby allegedly attempted to murder the boy’s twin sister. She was resuscitate and doesn’t seem to have experienced any negative consequences, according to Johnson.


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