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Nigerians Attending Foreign Varsities is Not A New Development – Minister Adamu

Adamu Adamu

No Problem With Nigerians Attending Universities in Ghana, the Benin Republic, or Other Foreign Countries

There is nothing wrong with Nigerians attending universities outside of Nigeria, according to Education Minister Adamu Adamu.

He said so while answering questions on Politics Today on Channels Television.

Approximately 75,000 Nigerians are reportedly studying abroad Egypt, Ghana, and the Benin Republic, according to reports, but the minister, who spoke on Wednesday, said the trend is not new.

“It is not a bad reputation in the sense that people going out to study is not a bad thing,” Adamu discuss while in the show. “The only thing you have to say is that our universities should try to attract students so that instead of money going out, money will come in.”

According to him, the internationalization of schools means that people can study anywhere, refuting assertions that parents send their children to study in other African institutions because of the instability of Nigeria’s educational system.

Therefore, he said, “going outside to study can never be an issue for anybody.”

The minister claimed that the Federal Government has presented a proposal to the university professors while also discussing the ongoing Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike.

The education minister added, “Government can pay if they say they would agree. The agreement we struck or the position I offered of government is something government can pay if they say they will accept.”

He claims that the government has put out a one-time settlement for the academics who are on strike and has explained that it won’t be paid in instalments.

The minister expressed that President Muhammadu Buhari is saddened by the ongoing strike, which has lasted more than 200 days, and pledged to see to it that the issue is handled.

Adamu Adamu the Education Minister pledge to end the ongoing ASUU Strike soon:

“Fellow Nigerians, I sit here promising you I will do the best I can to see that the ASUU strike is called off, and even without making this pledge to you, my intention is to immediately after this interview, I am going to meet the president of ASUU and it is not going to be a social visit. It is just in continuation of what we have been doing before,” he said.

“I am telling you, I do not have the words to tell the nation the weight I feel of this strike on my shoulders and I will do the best I can to end it.”

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