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Netflix to End Password Sharing in 2023

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Password sharing between numerous users on Netflix will be prohibited starting in the first quarter of 2023. Subscribers will now need to pay extra fees for additional users using one account as a result of the change.

This is a step the major streaming service plans to take to increase revenue after a sharp decline in recent months.

As a result of the company’s recent struggles with low subscriber numbers and falling stock prices, it has decided to restrict consumers from sharing their Netflix account passwords.

In order to implement the new policy, the corporation will provide the primary account holder with a code that other users must enter on their device in order to access the account. To make it harder for sub-accounts to continue using the main user’s Netflix account, the code will change each month.

The business has begun testing in nations across Latin America. It has a function that recognizes sub-accounts and tempts them to spend $3 on an additional add-on to enable sharing.

The corporation shares dropped to 60% in October 2022 as a result of rising inflation.

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