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NDG Endorses Sunny Ofehe For Delta State Governor, AAC Sowore For President

Omoyele Sowore High Profile Activist

Convener of "#Revolution Now", Omoyele Sowore,sits inside the Federal High Court in Abuja on February 12, 2020. - Omoyele Sowore, a fierce critic of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, was arrested in August, 2019, by the Department of State Services (DSS) secret police after urging protests under the online banner "#RevolutionNow". (Photo by KOLA SULAIMON / AFP)

Omoyele Sowore, the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), has received support from the diaspora organization Niger Delta Initiative Austria (NDIA).

This was revealed by NDIA’s founder and CEO, Nyherovwo Ochuko Ohimor-Eriema, in a statement that SaharaReporters was able to receive on Friday.

Before deciding to support Sowore, organization leaders reportedly held extensive consultations with stakeholders and democracy experts in Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Ohimor-Eriema praised the AAC candidate for president as the kind of talented, vivacious, intelligent, and active leader Nigeria needs.

The Niger Delta Initiative Austria (NDIA) made the following statement: “Since its founding, the NDIA has never campaigned for or endorsed any particular candidate in an election. The NDIA has never been and will never become a political entity.

“But, in this election year in Nigeria, NDIA has chosen to support three candidates who we feel will bring the benefits of democracy to the people after carefully examining hundreds of candidates and their platforms, particularly in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

“These individuals have consistently demonstrated that they are deserving partners who people can trust. The time has come for us to support their sincere objectives because they have made significant sacrifices in a variety of endeavors.

“NDIA executives have chosen to support Comrade OMOYELE SOWORE for President after holding extensive consultations with stakeholders and experts on democracy in Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic. This steadfast activist’s support for the presidency of Nigeria resulted from the firm resolve he has shown in previous years in battling kakistocracy and all other types of corruption in Nigeria.”

Sowore was never deterred despite the numerous detentions and acts of torture he endured under Gen. Buhari’s harsh rule.

“The Delta State governor’s race is as difficult as several African nations’ presidential contests. Despite receiving billions of dollars in federal funding over the last 20 years, the oil-rich state has nothing to show for it. The inhabitants are destitute, and of the oil-producing states in the Niger Delta region, Delta state has the least developed economy.

“Over the years, Chief Dr. Comrade Sunny Ofehe has taken on the challenges of bringing environmental degradation and the horrifying human rights abuses in the Niger Delta, particularly in Delta state, to the attention of the world. To make life easier for the typical Deltan, the nonviolent human rights crusader has given up a sizable portion of his fortune and attracted foreign investors to the state. With Europeans and foreign investors, he has developed amazing relationships. If Comrade Sunny Ofehe is elected governor, these connections will be advantageous to the state.

“Olorogun In Delta state, kleptocracy has taken over as the norm, and Sunny Ofehe has been at the vanguard of the fight against it. The only unblemished competitor in the race is him. It is appropriate to support Chief Ofehe for governor of Delta state. NDIA would still like to support a senate candidate from Delta Central who has distinguished himself as a deserving son of a great parent in the state of Delta.

“Chief Ede Dafinone is the son of the late Chief David DAFINONE, a senator who represented the Urhobos in the former Bendel state and a chartered accountant. Chief Ede Dafinone is a model gentleman and a professional accountant. He is from the family with the most accountants in one family, according to the Guinness Book of Records. The Urhobo nation will benefit from his election as the senator representing Delta Central in Nigeria’s upcoming political system.

Lastly, NDIA makes a solemn appeal to all Nigerians—especially Deltans—to use smart judgment when casting their ballots this time and to reject the politics of money and rice for votes that have proliferated across Nigeria’s political spectrum. While avoiding violence, the populace must not be timid. The populace must be aware that they have another chance to alleviate their suffering or choose leaders who will keep them in servitude for at least another four years.”

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