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NBS Reports Domestic Flight Costs Increased by 66.36%

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According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), domestic air travel costs have climbed by 66.36 percent over the past year.

This was stated in the organization’s most recent report, “Transport Fare Watch (February 2023)”.

The average fare that passengers paid for a single flight on the indicated itineraries, as reported by the Bureau, declined from N74,702.70 in January 2023 to N74,571.62 in February 2023 by 0.18% on a monthly basis.

The fare increased by 66.36% from N44,825.04 in February 2022, the report stated, “On a year-over-year basis.”

On a year-over-year basis, the average fare paid increased by 26.07% from N513.72 in February 2022, according to the data, which also revealed that the average rate commuters paid for bus trips within the city per drop declined by 0.47% in February 2023 to N647.66 from N650.70 in January 2023.

The average fare paid by commuters for intercity bus trips decreased to N3,990.70 in February 2023 from N3,998.42 in January 2023, representing a growth rate of -0.19% month over month. This grew from N3,836.45 in February 2022 by 4.02% annually.

According to the NBS, the average fare for Okada transportation in February 2023 was N461.28, which was 1.07% less than the cost noted in January 2023. (N466.25).

“As compared to February 2022, the fare increased by 21.67% on an annual basis” (N379.12). Moreover, the average fare paid for water transportation (passenger transportation on waterways) in February 2023 was N1,029.47, up 12.74% from N913.13 in February 2022. It decreased by 0.33% from N1,032.84 in January 2023 on a monthly basis, the research said.

According to a state profile research, Taraba State had the highest average bus fare (per drop constant route) of N870, followed by Bauchi with N800.00. Borno State had the lowest average fare, N500, and Anambra had the highest average fare, N515.

In February 2023, Abuja recorded the highest intercity bus fare (state route charged per person fare), followed by Adamawa with N5,725.00. Kwara had the lowest recorded fares ($2,000.00), and Zamfara came in second ($2,567).

In February 2023, Kebbi reported the highest air transportation fare (for specific routes, single journeys) at N80,500, followed by Bayelsa at N80,000. However, Abia had the lowest figure at N69,850, followed by Niger at N70,000.00.

In February 2023, Kwara State had the highest motorcycle transport fare at N760.00, followed by Lagos at N750.00. Edo recorded the lowest fare at N158.00, followed by Bayelsa at N190.00.

The cost of water transportation was also highest in Delta at N3,500.00, followed by Rivers at N3,200.00, and lowest in Borno at N360.00, followed by Kebbi at N425.00.

According to an analysis of transportation fare categories by zone, in February 2023, the North-East recorded the highest transport fare for bus trips within the city with N698.33, followed by the South-South with N660.58, and the South-East recorded the lowest with N616.88.

The South-West had the highest intercity bus fare, N4,255.83, followed by the North-East, N4,130.83, and the North-West had the lowest, N3,816.71.

The North-East had the highest air travel fare in February 2023 with N76,350.00, followed by the South-East with N75,270.00, and the North-Central with N72,357.14.

Moreover, Okada commuters paid the highest fare in the North-Central, which was N528.17, followed by the South-West, which was N518.35, and the lowest fare in the North-West, which was N332.86.

According to the NBS, the South-South had the highest fare paid for water transportation ($2,425.83), followed by the South-West ($950.00), and the North-East ($656.67) had the lowest fare ($656.67).

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