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My mum was really scared and against my coming to Nigeria – Juliana Belova (Oyinbo Marlian)

Juliana Belova

Juliana Belova, also known as Oyinbo Marlian, was nurtured alone by her mother after being born in Moscow, the capital of Russia. She was not quite a year old when her father passed away. Thus, she finds it difficult to discuss him.

Juliana Belova made the decision to study English as a teenager, which ultimately changed her life. Upon completing her studies at Moscow State Linguistic University,

She began working as a salesperson in an office as her first position. who conducted telephone sales to Americans. She made her first buddies who were Nigerian there.

Juliana Belova has several Nigerian friends in Russia who helped her fall in love with the nation and its culture before she moves to Nigeria in October 2020. The humor, food, music, and so many other things.

She was motivated by other factors to settle permanently in Nigeria rather than just travel there.

As She found everything so fascinating, including the keke (tricycle), the traffic, and the crazy drivers. The heat and the constant noise made everything appear vivid and dynamic to her, and she was also attracted by individuals selling stuff on the side of the road.

“My mum was really scared and against my coming to Nigeria. She had no knowledge of Africa and was basing her assumptions on the misinformation she had been exposed to through media and her earlier education. She is currently reversing her position though. I’m slowly but surely disproving her.” Juliana Belova told DiasporaInfo

She talked about how there aren’t many Nigerian nightclubs in Russia. After one of them was introduced to her by friends, she began visiting it.

Juliana claims she fell in love with the music, but Naira Marley’s song “Soapy” is her favorite. She would get up from her seat and start dancing every time the DJ played it in Russia.

observing her situation The club’s MC (Jiga Wire) eventually began hyping her and calling her “Oyinbo Marlian” whenever she danced to the song, which is how the name Oyinbo Marlian came to existence.

Since arriving in Lagos for the first time in February 2020, Juliana Belova describes her first encounter with the Nigerian entertainment business.

She was supposed to relocate to Nigeria at that time, but I left just six days later to travel to Dubai.

She returned permanently when Nigeria’s borders opened in September 2020, and she has been creating content ever since.

My mum was really scared and against my coming to Nigeria - Juliana Belova (Oyinbo Marlian) My mum was really scared and against my coming to Nigeria - Juliana Belova (Oyinbo Marlian)

Juliana claimed that ever since she was a young child, she has never loved Russian music, food, or anything else. She also stated that her favorite Nigerian dish is Jollof Rice.

She spent a lot of time with Nigerians in Russia back then, which may have contributed to her knowledge of the nation and its customs before arriving in Nigeria.

Juliana Belova has been captured with Giant celebrities in the Nigeria industry like Don Jazzy, Kizz Daniel and so much more, the skillful dancer also discuss she might venture into acting soon.

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