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MTN 5G Launch Network Trial test in Nigeria

MTN office

On Wednesday, MTN Nigeria said that it had activated 5G in Nigeria with 20,000 subscribers.

Prior to the official launching of the service, the telecom company MTN revealed on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, that it has started a trial run of its 5G technology throughout the nation, with Lagos and six other Nigerian cities scheduled for a start.

The MTN 5G services will begin a trial run in the trial states, which include Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Maiduguri, Kano, and Owerri.

The household broadband gadget can be pre-ordered by potential customers, according to the telecoms giant, so they can experience internet “downloads in seconds, not minutes.”

SMS and photo messaging were made possible by 2G, according to MTN CFO Modupe Kadiri. “The focus of 3G was mobile internet access. Sharing and streaming have become widespread thanks to 4G. Higher internet speeds, lag-free downloads, and nearly instantaneous connection when streaming, using applications, accessing webpages, playing games, or connecting to smart home devices are all features of the future that 5G brings us today.

“In order to Brighten the lives of our distinguished subscribers, we have begun a new part of our journey today. Yes, we started our 5G pilot today and turned on the 5G spectrum. Where coverage is available, 20,000 consumers with equipped devices can now test out our next-generation network. So, is 5G visible on your phone? It indicates that you are a pilot. Greetings to the wonder of 5G

MTN 5G Launch Network Trial test in Nigeria


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