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Mr. Eazi Reveal ‘Choplife Soundsystem’ Establishment

Mr. Eazi

The musician Mr. Eazi has revealed the establishment of a brand-new pan-African musical ensemble called “Choplife Soundsystem.”

Mr. Eazi stated in a statement that the group will include live events, music, and the community.

The organization will also include DJ Edu, a Kenyan-born Afrobeats selector and tastemaker with a base in the UK, as its regular DJ, as well as an unofficial team of contributing DJs, artists, and producers from all over the continent.

According to the announcement, “Mr. Eazi will be the main vocalist on Choplife Soundsystem recordings, as well as the group’s MC or Minister of Enjoyment at live concerts.”

The popular West African pidgin expression chop life, which means “enjoy life,” and the traditional soundsystem, which form the foundation of Jamaican musical traditions, are the sources of the name of the Choplife Soundsystem.

A soundsystem is a traveling group of DJs and MCs who perform music together at public events like outdoor events, clubs, and festivals. They are often funded by a well-known local businessperson.

By merging genres like Amapiano and Afrobeats into Choplife Soundsystem, Mr. Eazi, per the press release, “is putting a modern, African spin on soundsystem culture, curating the ideal African party experience both on original studio records and at curated live events.”

With events in Cotonou, Benin; Stockholm, Sweden; and Kigali, Rwanda in 2022, Mr. Eazi “soft launched” Choplife Soundsystem in an effort to carry the feel and spirit of his popular Ghanaian holiday party Detty Rave on the road.

Later this spring, Mr. Eazi will reveal additional information regarding Choplife Soundsystem, such as upcoming music releases, collaborations, and live events.

Mr. Eazi stated, “I’m returning to my roots, holding the greatest parties at university, because that is how I got my start singing.

I can’t wait for all the music to start dropping and the accompanying live experience. I am looking forward to this new and fun adventure.

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