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Mother of Takeoff Files Lawsuit Against Bowling Alley


The Houston bowling alley owners are the defendants in a wrongful death case brought by Takeoff’s mother after the rapper was shot to death there in November 2022.

According to court records that Rolling Stone was able to obtain, Titania Davenport filed the lawsuit on Wednesday in a Texas district court. The owners of Houston’s 810 Billiards & Bowling are the defendants.

Mother of Takeoff Charges Venue Owners With Neglecting To Provide Adequate Security

Davenport claims that on the night of Takeoff’s passing on Halloween in 2017, the venue did not offer sufficient security.

According to the lawsuit, “the property and facility were hired by a well-known music celebrity.” J. Prince, CEO of Rap-A-Lot. A party “‘after hours’ and with… many artists… athletes, and public figures'” was held at the location.

According to the lawsuit, “despite these facts, Defendants failed to offer screening procedures, after-hours controls or security measures, or enforcement of rules or industry standards to deter crime against their invitees, including [Takeoff].

Case in Court: Venue Owners Ought to be Aware of the Potential Security Risks Beforehand

Additionally, the venue owners are charged in Davenport’s lawsuit with criminal negligence for allegedly ignoring social media postings that “made it clear” they would need early preparation and security.

In actuality, social media posts made before to the party made it evident that additional planning and attention beyond the very minimum security requirements should have been performed, which the defendants negligently did not.

The venue owners allegedly had prior knowledge that a “significant number of violent crimes” were perpetrated there, according to the lawsuit.

In addition, Davenport claims that they knew celebrities would attend “based on the nature of the party.” Simply because of that, “proper security” should have been implemented.

In particular, the defendants were aware that, given the nature of the event, celebrities were likely to attend and might be the target of criminal activity. Defendants negligently claimed that enough security would be present when none actually was, which led a large number of persons to attend the event unafraid.

Unjustified Death Suit Cites 18 Alleged Cases Of Negligence

The lawsuit lists 18 particular occurrences of alleged carelessness that could have saved the rapper from passing away.

These violations include: “negligently failing to provide adequate and appropriate security personnel; negligently failing to inspect and maintain the premises; negligently failing to warn invitees of known hazards at the property; and negligently failing to properly retain, hire, train, and supervise their employees.”

Also according to the source, Davenport is requesting “compensatory, special, economic, consequential, general, punitive, and all other damages permissible under Texas law.”

She expressly mentions pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of earning power in her wrongful death claim.


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