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Montenegro Shooting Leaves At Least 11 People Dead – Public Broadcaster

Police line DO NOT cross

According to the nation’s public broadcaster, a mass shooting that took place on Friday in Cetinje, Montenegro‘s capital city, left at least 11 people dead.

“Eleven people were killed, while six were wounded, including a member of the police,” The official broadcaster in Montenegro, RTCG, said on Friday that the shooter was included in the death toll.

The number was also confirmed to AFP by a police official who spoke on the record.

According to RTCG, the shooting occurred in Cetinje, which is around 36 kilometers (22 miles) west of the capital Podgorica. The gunman was involved in a family quarrel at the time.

After firing at police officers, the shooter later died, according to the broadcaster.

The tragedy is the country on the Adriatic Sea’s bloodiest shooting in decades.

The beautiful beaches of Montenegro, which are surrounded by mountains nearby, are well-known and have long attracted travelers.

The shooting occurs as the nation enters its busiest travel period.

Formerly the country’s royal capital, Cetinje is located in a steep valley that has primarily experienced economic stagnation in recent years.


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