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Missing Schoolboy Died by Suicide

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At a news conference held on Thursday in Jiangxi Province, east China, local authorities announced that a schoolboy who went missing was later discovered to have committed suicide.

Hu, a student of Jiangxi’s Zhiyuan High School, vanished on October 14, 2022, and his body wasn’t discovered until January 28.

The youngster committed himself by hanging himself, according to case investigations, according to Hu Mansong, deputy head of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Public Security.

Before determining the boy’s cause of death, local police and a joint task force conducted inquiries, interviews, a postmortem examination, and the examination and identification of physical evidence under the on-site supervision of domestic reputable crime scene professionals, Hu Mansong said.

According to Hu Mansong, there were no indications of a struggle or dragging at the scene, and the inquiry revealed that the body’s location was the same as the scene of the suicide.

He said that the boy’s pen voice recorder, which was discovered at the scene and sent over to the Ministry of Public Security for examination, had been recorded.

In two audio tracks, the boy, according to him, made suicidal intentions quite plain.

He said that the examination proved the audio recordings weren’t synthesized or manipulated intentionally.

According to the official, psychologists discovered that the youngster was mildly introverted, shown a propensity for seclusion, and was interested in other people’s perspectives.

Additionally, he claimed that the investigations had shown the boy needed emotional support and outlets for expressing his feelings.

He claimed that after enrolling in Zhiyuan High School, the youngster suffered psychological imbalances as a result of his stressful adolescent years, unsatisfactory grades, and social interactions.

He claimed that as a result, he began to experience physical and emotional problems as well as suicide thoughts.

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