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Mayor Eric Adams Declare “No Room” for Migrants in New York

mayor eric adams

The mayor of New York, Eric Adams, has stated that immigrants attempting to live there, particularly those at the El Paso, Texas, border with Mexico, “have no place” in the country’s most populated city.

Mr. Adams was angry that Republican governors were busing in large numbers of immigrants into New York.

He said, “Now is the moment for the national government to do its job” in addressing the immigrant crisis along the southern border, during a visit to the border town on Sunday, where he also criticized President Joe Biden.

Considering that New York City is currently experiencing an unparalleled housing crisis that has increased the city’s homelessness statistics, Mr. Adams declared that he would no longer put up with the influx of migrants from Republican states.

After saying that the influx of migrants into New York may cost the city up to $2 billion at a time when the city is already facing a substantial budget deficit, Eric Adams made his trip to El Paso.

Thousands of migrants seeking refuge in the United States have recently been relocated to Democratic-controlled cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC by Republican governors in Florida and Texas.

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