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Man Burns Down His Own House Out of Frustration

Kwara Building3

According to State Fire Service officials, an unidentified person in Kwara intentionally set fire to his own home.

This was verified in a statement by Mr. Hassan Adekunle, who serves as the director of the Kwara State Fire Service.

He disclosed that the event happened on Sunday at about 10:28 am in Lekki Phase One of Ilorin, the state capital, in the Eyenkorin community.

Adekunle, citing reports, stated that the guy claimed to have purposefully sprayed the three-bedroom building with petrol and set it on fire as a result of his wife’s intense displeasure.

He claimed that if it weren’t for a nearby homeowner who immediately notified the fire department about the situation, the fire might have entirely destroyed the building.

Adekunle stated that the raging fire was brought under control and kept from spreading to nearby buildings thanks to the quick action of fire department personnel.

In response, Olumuyiwa urged people in the state to exercise greater caution in their residences, places of business, and other settings.

Below are images of the burning building:

Man Burns Down His Own House Out of Frustration
Man Burns Down His Own House Out of Frustration
Man Burns Down His Own House Out of Frustration

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