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Malik Ado-Ibrahim Emerges as 2023 YPP Presidential Candidate

Malik Ado Ibrahim

The Young Progressives Party’s presidential candidate for 2023 is Mr Malik Ado-Ibrahim (YPP).

In the party’s presidential primary in Abuja, he defeated Ruby Isaac-Chinenye with 66 votes.

If elected in 2023, he promised to address the country’s security concerns, generate jobs, and revitalize the economy in his acceptance speech.

“We have minds that are young,” Ado-Ibrahim said. “We have people in the North that are doing amazing things in agriculture. I would champion your cause. We will feed Nigeria from the North, we will power Nigeria with the sun from the North, and we will bring it down to the South, to give light to our brothers.

“I promise you, I can do that, I am doing it.

“We are going to show you everything that Nigeria is about. We will show you how to be progressive, how to use technology to make this country better.

“I assure you, we have the capacity, the vision for that.”

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