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She was already speaking 8 languages and playing 8 instruments at the age of 8

Mabou Loiseau

Mabou Loiseau, an 8-year-old from Queens, New York, spoke eight languages at the time: English, Haitian Creole, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, and American Sign Language. She was also studying Japanese at the time.

Mabou’s mother observed that she was saying some French words when she was only two years old, despite the fact that her mother didn’t speak the language. Her mother saw right away that her daughter had been born with a special talent. As a result, she began teaching her several languages and even hired nannies who spoke various languages.

She was already speaking 8 languages and playing 8 instruments at the age of 8

Her ability to master languages, however, was not her sole strength.

Mabou had already learnt to play a variety of instruments by the age of eight, including the piano, violin, clarinet, flute, drums, guitar, and harp. She also started teaching piano lessons. She was also studying and well understanding college-level algebra.

Mabou turned 13 in 2020, and she acquired a few more skills to her repertoire: dancing, painting, and singing. Her incredible singing and dancing abilities have already gained her a following on YouTube.

She aspires to be a lawyer, a brain surgeon, and a vocalist in the future.

This young lady is destined to make history!

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