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Lil Wayne Brag ‘No Other Artist’ That Can Battle A Verzuz Stage With Him”

lil wayne

Lil Wayne is revealing who he thinks would be a worthy opponent for him in a Verzuz fight. He also considered his decades-long career while anticipating the future.


In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Weezy discussed a potential contestant for the live-streamed concert competition.

“I was curious to see Mixtape Weezy take on Lil Wayne. It would have been absurd.

Wayne responded with confidence when asked if he would be performing alone.

“Yeah. What other musicians come to mind? No other performer, buddy, can stand on the stage next to me. I apologize.

Super Bowl halftime goals for Lil Wayne

The 40-year-old rapper also performed on the Super Bowl halftime stage, which is the other stage he would like to perform on.

“That stuff, I’d kill it. After that, we wouldn’t even worry about the game.

His performance, he said, would mark the “first” in which “both teams were out on the pitch watching the halftime show.”

Amid his plans to ‘Never’ retire, the rapper discusses forgetting about the “Tha Carter” mixtape series.

The rapper was asked about his “Tha Carter III” mixtape, which will celebrate its 15th birthday on June 10, during the interview. The rapper, who claims to work “every day,” openly admitted that he cannot distinguish between all of the projects in the series.

“I’ll be completely honest with you: I have no idea what a Tha Carter III, Tha Carter II, or Tha Carter One from a Tha Carter IV is. And that’s simply the truth, according to my God. You might tell lies and ask me about a certain music, but I wouldn’t even understand what you were asking. Therefore, I have absolutely no significance for it.

He continued by going into detail about his demanding profession and recording schedule.

I work every day, bro — all the time. Additionally, I always consider it to be a component of both the gift and the curse. I think God gave me a great mind, but He didn’t give me an amazing memory to keep this amazing things in my head.


Lil Wayne concluded by saying that despite his long career, he has no plans to slow down any time soon.

“The drive is to prove to them why I’m still the guy… You’re born this way when you’re an artist, especially a real artist like myself. Therefore, I don’t believe that true artists and innovators ever retire. This is how they perished.

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