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Kola Abiola Discuss ‘First Thing I’ll Do as President if Elected’

Kola Abiola

If elected on Saturday, February 25, 2023, Kola Abiola, the Peoples Redemption Party‘s (PRP) presidential candidate, promises to give security architecture first priority.

He said this on Wednesday in an interview with journalists in Akure.

Kola Abiola believed that in order for any rational progress to occur, security issues in every area of the nation must be resolved.

“Insha Allah, the first thing I’ll look at when I get there is the security architecture. How can we find a temporary fix to the security issue Nigeria is currently facing?”

Security is an issue throughout Nigeria, and if it isn’t resolved, nothing else has been resolved, he said.

Kola Abiola bemoaned that the goal of the naira note shortage, which should have had a good impact on the majority but instead only benefited a small number of people, was not one that was inclusive.

Only a few people had emptied the system of its available funds, the presidential contender said, and this would encourage vote buying.

“On the subject of naira scarcity, it is a concern for everyone; I am here destitute. The timing is off, and I consider it to be a major issue.

“In a nation with a significant security issue, you have heightened this. There is no currency, there is no gasoline. Because only one individual has the money, what do you expect, you make it simple to purchase votes,” he remarked.

He said that his party has conducted grassroots electioneering in all of the senatorial districts without using paid crowds.

“We are a party that runs quiet campaigns and doesn’t hire out crowds. We are a party with only two representatives in the House of Representatives right now; we do not have any governors or senators.

We are a grassroots party, thus the only way we can connect with voters is through attending town hall meetings, which we conduct according to senatorial districts.

He said, “They (people) ask me questions, and I can honestly respond to them. I also use that as a playbook to campaign for the candidates, which is why I am in Akure today.


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