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King Charles III’s coin portrait revealed by the UK’s Royal Mint

Royal Mint King Charles III coin

The official effigy of King Charles III, which will be used on coins after his succession to the throne, these was unveiled by Britain’s Royal Mint on Friday.

The effigy was created by British sculptor Martin Jennings and was given the new king’s personal approval.

A unique £5 coin and a 50p coin honoring the life of Queen Elizabeth II will be the first coins with the king’s image on them.

Jennings claimed that a photo of the King Charles served as the model for his portrait.

“It is the smallest work I have created, but it is humbling to know it will be seen and held by people around the world for centuries to come,” Jennings said.

According to royal custom, King Charles‘s portrait faces to the left, away from his late mother.

The effigy’s border is inscribed in Latin with the words “King Charles III, by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith.”

In the upcoming months, King Charles‘ likeness will start to appear on commemorative items and circulation coins, the Royal Mint announced in a statement.

On the reversal of the commemorative five pound coin, there will be two brand-new images of Elizabeth.

Since Alfred the Great, the Royal Mint has been in charge of producing coins with images of rulers.

Elizabeth passed away on September 8 after reigning for a record-breaking 70 years.

The late queen was depicted on more coins than any other British monarch, according to Kevin Clancy, director of the Royal Mint Museum.

“People will recognize coins with His Majesty and Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy in their change over the coming years,” Clancy said.

According to the Royal Mint, co-circulation of coins bearing the effigies of various rulers was customary in the past.

This guarantees a smooth transition with little expense and damage to the environment.

Approximately 27 billion coins with the image of Queen Elizabeth II are now in use in the UK.

The Royal Mint noted, “These will be replaced over time as they get damaged or worn and to meet demand for extra coins.”


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